Burgundy produces some of the most sublime wines in the world. Its heartland is the “Côte d’Or”, the long limestone escarpment that runs south-southwest from Dijon to Mercurey. Its wines have been famous and sought-after ever since the Dukes of Burgundy championed them in the Middle Ages, which means that sadly, they are expensive. Many of the growers here are almost fanatical about their soils. The mix of clay, marl and limestone facing east and southeast produce near-perfect conditions for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. At first sight the escarpment is uniform, but the variations of slope and ancient fault lines have allowed the growers to pick out the nuances of flavours from each plot.

To the North West, Chablis is pretty much the northern limit for producing decent Chardonnay. At their best the wines are taut with a fine minerality – perfect for seafood and oysters. To the south, the growers of the Maconnais are making increasingly expressive Chardonnays before the countryside merges into Beaujolais and changes from limestone to granite – perfect for Gamay.

We have carefully selected our favourite growers who reflect this diversity of styles, make great wine and offer great value for money.